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Carbon Medium

Originally Posted by flipside25 View Post
Hey guys just a quick question.

Im about to buy some filter products for my AC 30 and my AC 70, and I was wondering if I really need to buy the cabon packs. My tanks have been up and running for over a year, and im pretty sure there is enough bacteria to help with the filtering.

Can I just use a sponge, more Bio media, and then filterfloss maybe?

O and what to know your guys opinions on what kind of combo works for you too.
Hello flip...

Save your money. If you follow a good water change routine, you don't need to use carbon (chemical) medium. The frequent water changes will do a lot more to keep the tank water clean and the chemistry stable than carbon.

I change out half the tank water every week and just use a poly fiber and the biomax bag in my Hagen filters.

Just a thought.


"Fear not my child, just change the tank water."
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