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Originally Posted by HybridHerp View Post
OVT, do you sell any of your corymbosa ever? And what makes the one you have so red, is it just high lighting and it being hi up, or is it growing low and that red at the same time?
High light and more light and then some more light.
And yes, I used to sell a lot until I almost depleted my 'inventory'.

The last picture is of Hygrophilia corymbosa, the rest are of Hygro Corymbosa 'Siamensis'. I also keep 'Kompakt' and Angustifolia.

Regular H. corymbosa easily gets x2 the size of 'Siamensis', all the way up to the top of a 24" tank. It's happy to go emergent and at one time I kept 1/2 of the same plant in and 1/2 out of the water. Emergent, it blooms constantly with small flowers that make quiet a mess. IME 'Siamensis' and 'Kompakt' are about the same in size. I keep one 'Siamensis' in a 12g long at ~5" and very bushy - just have to trim it every couple of weeks or so.
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