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When I was making the decision, the Mag 5 was on sale for $55 and the filter housing was $5 less than now, so about $38. With the additional hose and hardware it came to within a spit-shot of the price of the bigger housing, so I went for it. I can't tell you it will make a significant difference in the flow because I have no empirical data to refer to. I'm sure it will but how much I don't know.. My gut tells me "not much" but then I don't know your exact setup or requirements. I can tell you that in my system, the filter adds very little resistance. Add elbows and barbs that have reduced IDs and it may or may not be worth worrying about. One way to find out is to try it and let us know! If designed with the thought that you might have to go discreet loop, the parts can be repurposed to that end and you're only out the time and effort.
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