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Hey Tim, First off, you are going to be fighting alot of algae if you continue to burn four T5-HO bulbs over a 29g tank. For my high tech 29Gs I use two bulbs and for low teck I use one. This is going to help alot with some of your hair algae issues. For BBA, its usually caused by fluctuating Co2 levels. Seachem Excel is the best wat to get rid of it. Sometimes you can dose it and kill it and it will stay gone. Other times you will need to fix the source of the problem, fluctuating Co2 levels. As for the Brown diatoms, they are likely the result of the changes youve made lately. Keep it stable and they should go away with time. For water changes, I would recommend you are keeping good on them if you are dosing anything to the tank to prevent it from building up in the tank. A 50% WC is pretty beneficial for this, even if its only once a month.
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