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Originally Posted by FriendsNotFood View Post
I have to somewhat agree with everyone here... I had an ACF for 17 years (I miss him!). He never lived in anything smaller than a 10 and spent the last 5 or so years of his life in a 15. 15 gallons with a strong filter was just about perfect.

I also have a Petco bookshelf tank and it's just about the right size for the betta that lives there, so no, I wouldn't put an adult ACF in there. Even the males grow to be quite a bit bigger than 3 inches. 3 inches is just the body length, not counting legs. They're incredibly active swimmers and swim laps in their tank all day long.

Moreover, your frog is going to uproot pretty much any plant you put in your tank the second he gets startled and tries to find a place to hide.

I'm confused by whoever said you have to lower the water level for these frogs though, especially in a Petco bookshelf tank that's the height of a 2.5 gallon.
I may have said that, but for good reason. I feel you should lower the water level by 2 inches from the top so the frog has room to surface for air and you need a lid for these frogs since as you probably know, they are awesome at escaping (mine someone got through a 1/2 inch gap in a glass lid where a whisper filter clip ran under the lid so it wasn't a 'tight' fit.. but luckily I found him!).

I think most people with ACF lower the water ~4 inches or so to reduce escape attempts, they're not uncommon. I keep mine about 2 inches from the top but my glass lid has zero gaps now and so far so good.

I've had good luck with my frogs and plants. It really depends, stuff like dwarf hair grass and ludwiga just didn't work. My moneywort and wisteria stays planted though, I tend to wedge it in between driftwood though and that works out alright for me.

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