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Update: We will just pretend I didn't get distracted by house and job and baby stuff.... Yeah, and my fish will start pooping gold.

About a week ago all my brown algae started to go away and now I have green algae. I think that is a good sign? Cutting back on the photo period a bit to try and help with that. But the volume of plants in the tank is increasing everyday so that should help too. A couple of the bulbs have really taken off. It has only been 3 weeks or so and a couple of them are huge, I consider them huge. the one on the left side of the tank only poked through the bulb a week ago. The ludwigia?? is thriving, though it is a little confused as the what a stem is supposed to look like. oh well, i can part it out later for more stems.

This whole potting soil thing makes me sad that I didn't try it earlier. I have killed every aquarium plant I have ever tried to grow. These plants are thriving and I'm on dummy mode. I have continued with a 5 gallon water change almost everyday, with a soil pat down for gas. Gas yes, huge gravel lifting patches, no.

who likes pictures?

random shot of both tanks


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