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thanks for the comments guys!

the tank finally was testing good so I added what the tank really needs... algae prevention, two amanos will do the job well I think.

Well, my LFS actually had some DHG in today so I bought some and added a lil bit extra and a lil cardamine in the background and removed like 50% of the pennywort floating on top.

I am waiting for some fissidens and more anubias petite - I will be tying or gluing these to some manzanita that is also enroute, later this week I should have that.

Finally, the amanos... I feel pretty bad to say it but I got them in the tank and got on my computer for a second and cleaned up some of the mess from planting and when I looked in the tank next I only saw 1 of 2 amanos........ needless to say I hadn't put the cover on the tank yet!

DOH, I looked around, all over, in the filter wells, etc... no where to be found.

I took the tank off the stand and then removed the stand and found him tucked between these pieces of cardboard I have under the stand trying to level it.

He was probably under there for 5-10 min or something!

I got him back in the tank and now like nearly an hour later he has some color back. Structurally and behaviorally one couldn't tell he spent that much time under the stand, main thing noticed was his carapace seemed darker than the other amano and he also lost a good bit of the slight brown/tan hues the other amano has.

I wonder if I will find him dead tomorrow though.

Here is a picture of the pair after the drama: (the Houdini amano is the one hanging out on the dwarf sub)

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