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Originally Posted by wheatiesl337 View Post
Please ignore user BBradbury's advice. He posts out-dated information and generally confuses new people. Excess nutrients=algea is one of the biggest busted myths in plantedtank keeping. If this were true, the entire logic behind the Estimative Index method would be bust. It is terribly irresponsible of him to repeatedly post debunked information.
I'm glad somebody else finally said it. This type of information is not helpful to a newbie looking for advice. Times have changed and so has ones way of thinking when it comes to this hobby. Just as the "wpg rule" this talk that excess nutrients is the cause of any algae you get is flat out wrong. There are many variables that can cause an algae outbreak but the first thing to focus on is the growth of your plants. People focus more about keeping algae away when their focus should be on growing healthy plants. Happy healthy plants= healthy algae free tank.

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