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Originally Posted by @marko@ View Post
i just aim the output of my eheim upwards a bit. and if i notice any surface film i paper towel it away.
Paper towel trick works wonders. Personally, I run an airstone for a few hours at night before I go to bed since I can't sleep with an air pump and bubble stone going. It lats me until the next night and even then there's very little surface scum on my Mini M with my filter (Eheim 2211) outflow dialed to roughly half strength. However, there is still decent surface movement on mine which makes me wonder if your lily pipes are diffusing too much of the flow. Maybe try the stock Eheim outflow or one of ADA's/whoever's glass straight flow pipes (Mini P-2 is the 13mm version of what I use. Also, you might have too much organic crud/dissolved proteins (overfeeding) in your tank. Try stepping up water changes (lightly vacuum plants/low-flow spots/accumulated detrius/dead plant matter/etc. when you do this) as well to see if that gets rid of the problem.

Unfortunately for folks like me who keep their tanks in their bedrooms, raising lily pipes at night really isn't an option. Too much noise to sleep. So, even with a nice product you're running into an issue of too much noise for an acceptable level of sound in a room.
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