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I have 1 pink grow bulb and 1 std 6500k or maybe 6700k bulb
works for me
so I would stick with what you have

I ordered some cheap knock off LED light on Ebay of the Marineland 36" LED Light for my 40 Gal it's lightly planted with no ferts in the substrate just sand so I'm interested to see if that works out it's supposed to put out 10k but I'll have to wait and see.

I think you made a good choice with the Maxijet the 600 does good in my 55 gal but I wish i'd gone a little bigger so that was probably a good call.

In my opinion a 55 gal is a lot more work than most tanks for some reason I have had 75 gals and 60 gals and it seems that the 4' 55 gal is really tough to work with and hard to decorate due to it being so narrow.

good luck with the BBA dont give up i'm sure you will figure it out just try 1 thing at a time
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