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Okay, so time for another update. I'm going to fill the tank soon. Some of the baby tears lately as been browning off for some reason, other spots still really healthy and green. I added a few bunches off dwarf hairgrass (Eleocharis parvula) in the back.

I also finally modded the filter due to an idea from another helpful member here, HunterX. I used some epoxy to glue a piece of plastic over where the water normally passes and drilled holes in the bottom of the filter media compartment. Then I bought Aquaclear 70 sponges which fit nice once trimmed a tiny bit. This way the water passes through the media and drains below all the sponges. I also purchased some awesome stainless steel mesh from h4n and used epoxy to glue a strip over the intake slots and over the tiny hole in the filter compartment that exists on these tanks. I plan on having shrimp so the mesh was needed.This is pretty much the way HunterX modified his tank in the link he posted in my journal so I must thank him again for the idea. I recommend you check out his evolve as well, pretty cool tank.

So, here are some pics for you guys to see the plants still during the dry start. Also pics of the filter modification. I apologize for my sloppy epoxy working, it was really messy but I figured it's in the filter compartment, no one looks at that anyway but me. Lol

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