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Eurobracing wouldn't be that bad of an idea, and I kind of like the way it looks

It looks like I'm not the first to have this idea though A friend of mine sent me a link and it seems someone else beat me to the punch. Kind of like my idea for turning a 55 gallon on it's side for a 4' long x 24" wide x 12" tall tank (a buddy of mine wanted to do a bottom feeder tank and was looking for a cheap short tank).

If you are interested in how it turned out for the other people that joined 2 55s and 1 29 gallon tank here's the link. It hasn't leaked as far as I know, but the last update was in March.

I know having the wooden brace down the middle will "obstruct the view" but it honestly won't bother me. If I were doing it for a show tank, I would just start saving for an upgrade

Thank you everyone for your comments and assistance with my insane idea!
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