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I've been slacking a little on updating this but there's been a lot happening. I changed direction and decided to make this a little cleaner and a little more high tech. It's only a 20G but it's been a fun project so far.

The book shelf I was going to use as a stand turned out to be just too small to stack equipment in. I decided to plumb and set everything up behind the wall. I rent an attic apartment and have a small nook/storage space and decided to utilize that space (with the permission of the land lord, ofcourse.)

So, here it goes. I put in a massive order:
Aquatop 10watt inline sterilizer
Hagen 300watt inline heater
Used Fluval 404 (replaced gasket and impeller)
12 Liters of Amazonia Aqua soil
2 Liters of power sand
Drop Checker
Brass Check Valve
Co2 line
LED bulbs
Lily pipes from a user here on the forum

I went and picked up house water filter to build the diffuser. I'll get the parts needed a little later as I still have a little to do. Started with a Whirlpool household water filter.

Removed the filter and used a 1" to 3/4" reducer to a 1/2" CPVC.

I drilled small piccolo holes on the bottom of the CPVC pipe and placed a block of foam over it to aid in CO2 absorption and bio filtration.

I used a barb upstream to feed the CO2 into the loop (will have pics later)

Again, with permission from my land lord, I cut a hole for the Oatey Washer Outflow Box

Used washers to secure the two valves and plumbed behind the wall.

Here's the finished wall:

And here's the finished plumbing.

Here's the flow: In from tank > Co2 Diffuser > Heater > Filter > UV sterilizer > (installed a valve for easier/cleaner water changes) > Tank

Tested it earlier and proud to say no leaks. I'm curious to see what the flow will be like and that's why I went with the 404 to make sure the tank still has enough water moving through it. Anyway, let me know what you think.

As far as live stock, I was thinking 3 or 4 ottos, a few cardinal tetras and a pair or two of German Blue Rams. do you guys think a 20long will support this?


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