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Hmmm. I actually thought I had almost low levels of light. Lately, I've put the RayII's on a limited light cycle. On for four hours in the AM and four at night. The T8 acts almost like a dim fill light. It's in the SeaClear hood with a bottom cover that diffuses the small amount of light that gets through. I'm running CO2 at near 5 bbl/sec and I have a Fluval CO2 level indicator that stays in the green.

I assumed my Aquatek solenoid/reg was working right until yesterday. I found that the solenoid was stuck open and not going off at night. I removed the unit and pulled the solenoid shaft. The seat was indented and there was some trash in the reg. Took care of that and it's doing fine now. (As a paintball tech, I have a lot of knowledge on regulators and solenoids)

I cut some Lexan rectangles for the end clamps of the light to hold them up. I guess I'll look into making taller ones. The bug is the hood and the way it blocks light to the center of the tank while over flooding the front and back. It's just been very nice, as it fits in the top cutouts so nicely.

Thanks very much, to everyone that has posted replies. I greatly appreciate it. Now I'll go read a bit of the Diana Walsted "Ecology of the Planted Tank" and get more confused! LOL! Looking forward to getting to know everyone here!

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