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Originally Posted by depthC
Ive noted in my article that you could use airstones but it is a very poor method so id recommend otherwise. As for the C02 seperation unit i used a 20oz bottle and ran the line from the C02 bottle down a few inches and the tube to the tank high in the bottle. Ive had no results at all with this and the residue still collected in the tank. I didnt use water in the unit so maybe thats the problem, any ideas why it didnt work? Since then i havent used the seperator unit because it hasnt worked the way i set it up.

- depthC
There should be water in that separator, the input line is below the water, the output line is above.

You will collect something in the water, it is smelly after a few weeks. It will eliminate the slime on the gas line in the tank.
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