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Originally Posted by NWA-Planted View Post
And you can make a glass rimless or do euro bracing, acrylics still have to utilize bracing as well which can sometimes limit more so what your able to put in the tank, also seeing any kind of bowing in acrylic is normal.... Freaks me out

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This would've taken you past freaking out, lol!:

The folks that invented the Sea-Swirl owned a LFS near where I live. The entire store was acrylic tanks. From 20's up to 125's. The "back room" had 75 longs on simple 2X4 racks and stacked 5 high!! They needed a 12 foot ladder to get to the top row. But the most incredible part was that there was nothing but perimeter support under those tanks. You wouldn't believe how much the bottom panels bowed!!! When they sold the store, the new owners took down the "stack of racks" and sold off the acrylic tanks (I bought 2 of 'em). I was there as they brought the tanks down. The darn things rocked like a child's rocking horse on the floor. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the bottom panel to regain its' proper shape.
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