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Personally having dealt with both if i was to get one new it would be glass.

As far as acrlyc being clearer or showing better color, get low iron or starphire glass and it's a mute point.

Both can bust seams, but really i find glass easier to repair, clean off the old silicone and redo, when an acrylic seem busts it's jagged because it's welded together so the repair becomes a bit more difficult... Not to mention as said above Weld on is a PITA and really price wise your not saving much.

And acrylic still cracks but you see more crazing then cracking granted it would be more resilient than glass when talking terms of impact but glass can withstand a fair amount of abuse itself (thank God)

In terms of weight, your not going to be repositioning a 125 often... So wouldn't worry much.

Just my .02 on the subject!!! And you can make a glass rimless or do euro bracing, acrylics still have to utilize bracing as well which can sometimes limit more so what your able to put in the tank, also seeing any kind of bowing in acrylic is normal.... Freaks me out

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