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@Django - Great site! Found it when I was scratching my head and doing the "WTF?" when I first saw the algae. Thank you...

@BBradbury - I am trying to get to that point right now. Thank you for your input...

The biggest detractor that I find when trying to find a reliable method of getting rid of this pesky stuff, is tht there seems to be forty different methods to eradicate it. Which method works? Who knows? BBradbury says too much nutrients, but blogspot guy says the worst thing to do is cut back on them. I don't give my tetras much food anyway. Less is better at this point. But the Flourish Excel and the API Algaefix, in conjunction with less light time and more CO2 SEEMS to be slugging it out in the trenches with the BBA. And the damn snails are eating something, because they're getting bigger. I know everyone hates algae treatments, but the API has no copper or copper sulphate, so it's not doing any harm. My biggest concern is keeping the pH stable...

Didn't see your post before, Kathyy. Going to go over it when I get a sec. Working...

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