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Originally Posted by TexasCichlid View Post
Going to clean out my canister again today to try and improve flow once again. Every time I clean it, I am losing siphon despite having the Eheim disconnect system on my 2028 canister. I fill the canister up as much as possible without overflowing, then secure the lid. Then I plug in the intake/output assembly. Problem is, the air in the head of the unit displaces the water in my CO2 reactor and my CO2 reactor turns into a giant air bubble. I have to crack open the top of the reactor to let as much air as possible out and then I have to hit the prime button a few hundred times it feels like to try and work out the remaining bubble before I can get it to prime.

Is there something I can do to maintain the siphon during this re-connection?

hmm..shouldn't be a problem getting the siphon back again...

don't fill the canister all the way..fiill it half way and then prime it..water should glush and fill it up...then plus in the outlet

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