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I love how you made the poppy pipe the return for your sump...very nice idea! Looks nifty too. Couldn't afford a Mame?

Very nice light too. I may have to look into that company for a LED fixture of my own someday. Might be a fun little project. Tank will look amazing when it grows in, especially with the drooping bits of HC.
Thanks! This tank was originally my reef tank, and I had some VERY close calls with overflow boxes so I didn't want to have to worry about that ever again. I drilled the tank for the overflow box when it was a reef. Plus at the time I set up the tank originally, mame's weren't available yet, in fact, I still have no idea where the heck to get them.

Great tank, I like the choice of the white overflow box it is very clean.

How do you like the Do!aqua poppy glass?

Where are you going to buy some mini glosso? (I have been looking for some as well)

how does the purigen behave in a reactor?

I see you have the return pump on the poppy outflow, how is the pressure?

I like the poppy glass but it doesn't have any flow down below, which is why the mp10 is really needed. It ripples the water a lot so it helps with the oxygen exchange, and creates an awesome shimmering effect w/ the LEDS.

Ill be getting the hydropiper from a member of SFBAAPS.

The purigen is very light and you have to turn the pump ALL the way down, I made a mistake and had a lot of purigen dump into the sump and get sucked into the main tank, so there's little purigen balls all over the tank that will hopefully just be grown over by the plants.

there's not a lot of pressure on the poppy, my return pump is only about 230gph so it's not any more than a canister.
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