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Originally Posted by Bushkill View Post
.....If you're new to planted tanks or tanks in general and can envision scraping algae often, even a Buddhist Monk will slip.
I don't think I'm the exceptional Acrylic Planted tank owner, I use a white nylon Scrubber each week with my water change maintenance. I don't feel even a complete newbee has to live with Algae scraping IF they are willing to educate themselves and exercise proper maintenance schedules.

Yes even the most Zen like Aquarist can slip and scratch either surface material. However, many of us can go an entire life time feeding ourselves without ramming a fork into our foreheads. Of all the Pros/Cons to this topic....Scratching one's tank is the point that is completely up to the Hobbist.

BTW - I own both and depending on the situation either may be the better choice.
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