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Originally Posted by paybackranch View Post
I am hoping that your boss is open to the world of planted tanks as that is a whole 'nother world of profit / sales! Plant substrates, more specialized lighting, plant fertilizers, driftwood, stones, nano fish, etc...... Kudos to you on getting such a great start in your store. The Anubias will survive with that lighting and perhaps some mosses. I am sure that you will create lots of interest from your customers and that will help drive sales. :-)

I am lucky that these tanks also get some sunlight due to the huge front windows we have on the store. I'm hoping the crypt in the bowl will do alright, I wanted something in there on the bottom other than just the sand. We do regular orders from Hagen so I've placed an order for a Spec III for myself (to replace the Ebi that I hate) and some plant stratum. I'm hoping that will get my boss' interest. She also wants me to re-do our 60 gallon hex that's back by our fish area. I'll have to use plant substrate for that (which means we'll have to carry it because we can't display something we don't sell) and I'm looking into what's available locally so we can carry something different, like Eco-Complete instead of something like Flourite that's available at Petsmart.
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