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Eskom is raping us with the rates. My lights at the moment costs my about R250 a month on the one tank alone. $30 doesnt sound like alot. But the kessils will pay for themselves. Only affordable LEDs here are beamworks or something like that but they look [censored][censored][censored][censored]ty ans dont work to great. Theres other alternatives also but they are way more expensive. I would probably be able to import the lights myself but wil stil be more expensive as to what you guys get them at. The T5s im using now is doing a great job but the kessil also looks great ad i like that shimmer. I will post pcs of my tanks somete whwn i can rescale the size of them or something. Now on holidays so im not close to my tanks or pc it sucks. We also had a very limmited number of plants because theses somw parts of the country thats tropical so the BLacklist of plantspecies and fish is huge and theres very strict import regulations. But we got a new blacklist for plant species ans new import permits was issued last week so we can import plants again. Sucks that we cant keep shrimps here
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