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Display tanks from work.

I work at a non-chain pet store in Florida. We had a crappy old Fluval Chi on display that had an algae infested ornament, some sick mollies and one very unfortunate Pleco. I offered to fix it up and well, no good deed goes unpunished. My boss wanted more tanks! I'm happy to take any suggestions on how to make these better!

This is my "Iwagumi inspired" Marina 360. The only plants in there right now is a marimo ball. I just haven't been able to get a hold of any low-light plants that stay within the scale I want. Things are further complicated by the fact that we don't carry any planting substrates, although I'm hoping to change that. It's stocked with a group of black bar endlers.

The Fluval V was impossible to get a decent shot of with my phone. The only place to put up our Christmas tree this year was right in front of my tanks. But I'm very happy with this tank! The Ludwigia is doing really, really well and the Crypt (not sure what kind) is also doing alright. It's stocked with two honey gouramis, 2 pristella tetras and 3 Amano shrimp. I would like to remove at least one of the gouramis I think the tank is to small for them but I was vetoed on that one. I think I'll probably just go ahead and do it anyway and replace the Pristellas with Neons or Cardinals if we can get in healthy ones.

This one is my favorite! It is a Tetra Waterfall Globe. It is stocked with about a dozen RCS, two of my male PFR culls (since the distributor only sends us females) and one Orange Neo. I know they'll make ugly offspring but having that burst of orange really makes the tank look less empty to customers since there aren't any fish in it. My co-workers are super excited about the berried female in there!

That Anubias is incredible! It looks kind of ratty but that's because it was left out of water overnight! It was in one of our sale tanks and it was forgotten after a water change. All of the leaves melted off, but I put it in this bowl and after about a week of pruning and fertilizer it popped out a new leaf! I love that thing!
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