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Originally Posted by Seedreemer View Post
....However, I'm concerned about scratching with acrylic.

Does anyone have an acrylic aquarium and could you tell me just how easy it is to scratch? Can I use a mag-float?
I've owned several for Reef and Fresh. My current 40 is Acrylic. Acrylic will scratch easier than glass. But, glass isn't immune either. Seldom do you find a used glass tank with out scratches.

It's more a matter of how careful you are willing to be when you work in your tank. If you know you are a clumsy oaf, then do not get acrylic. If you approach the tank maintenance with they inner peace of a Buddhist monk you will not have problems.

Also, unlike reef tanks we tend not to use sharp edged hardscape like live rock.

I don't recommend mag floats for any tank.
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