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Today was resining day 2, the entire stand is covered and it seems to have soaked in as much as it's going to soak and cured as much as it's going to cure so tomorrow I expect I'll be sanding and hopefully painting. My wife has officially put the kibosh on carpeting it, she feels it would look cheesy and I was never really 100% set on the idea so I think I'm going to try and get a dark brown to match the stand our reef tank is on, it's a nice rich color and I prefer it to basic black.

Tomorrow will also be door installation day, I have to use the router and cut a small rebate in the back surface of the door so the hinge will sit flush then install it all and see how I did on making straight cuts
I've got a shelf that is nearly ready to install but I keep remembering that this is an all in one, there really isn't going to be much in the stand aside from a few bottles of fertilizer, a net or two, the power strip and the CO2 cylinder. Do I really need a shelf for so few pieces of gear, probably not but perhaps I should install it just in case?
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