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Originally Posted by ThatGuyWithTheFish View Post
Looks more like clado... how branchy is it? Does it smell awful?
No there is no bad smell. At first I mistook it for staghorn algae but after a bit more research I believe it Green hair algae, it sure feels like wet hair when you touch it.

Originally Posted by CaquetaRiver View Post
Hey Sub-80. Do you have Co2 in your tank? I would not recommend using any algae killers. Usually algae flourish when the conditions are not optimum for plant growth. Fish may help you, especially SAE, which is pretty good, but if the tank have an excess of nutrients that plants cannot take, then you will get algae.
I have a Tetra CO2 package which I stopped using after buying the Seachem Excel. I also have Hobby Sanoplant which are tablets placed under plants, it releases Co2 fertilizer. I am planning on using it after the algae disappears. For the algae killer it states that it will not harm the plants and fish as long as as the dosage is correct. I get that algae is due to excess light or nutrients but to give the baby tears covered a chance I need most of the algae to die, also algae is showing in filter tubing.
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