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I'm kinda with Evilgrin I would just use c02 or excel

like I said in my earlier post it fixed my problem in a week or so just using excel now I order a gal of Glutaraldehyde 2.5% and dilute it and it's a lot cheaper 1 gal is aprox $22 and it makes 2 gal equivalent of flourish excel my lighting output is a 48" T5HO putting out 6500k I think and everything is thriving

my 40 gal has nothing for substrate other than pool filter sand so all I have for my plants is lighting and Glutaraldehyde and so far so good

sounds like your doing a lot more than me and having way more trouble so I have to think your doing too much.

my lights are currently on from 0530-1030 and 1400-2000 but have been on constantly from 0530-2000 and it hasn't changed anything I just don't think it's good for my Angels.
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