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As Elppan says, there are a few of us in town, and a couple people have ones breeding, so things are looking up...

I finally got my Red Cherries back in August from Atlantis. Basically I kept asking if they were ordering any, and had them save some- I have ten, not breeding yet but I will post when they do.. Think they were something like $3.98, buy 5, get 6th one free..? They also had a couple of bee shrimp and a crystal black..loved em, but my tank and talents aren't up to that..

Here my guys are going after some Azoo

ddrfreak_tung and I went to Trop Aquarium a couple weeks ago, they had cherries for 1.98, the ones with little red spots. They had a Fire Red and Amanos for $4ish...

We have a very loose, informal group of us locals on Facebook- it's open, all are welcome. It doesn't take the place of forums, but its fun and is a faster way to communicate!/groups/La...ter.Aquarists/

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