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ok, update time!! after i did the water testing, reconfigured a few things, and designed a rain system (more on that one in a later post), i got my equipment secured, terrestrial areas wrapped in weekblocker and got ready for some foam:

yes, that is a reflection of me and my 75g planted in the one pic. hey, i never claimed to be a

after that, i started foaming. then added a few pots for plants, and foamed some more. i will let this cure over night and then i should be able to complete the foaming tomorrow night. the easy part is done for mow.

sorry there's not more. building a rain system was a bit more tricky than i expected, and still has to be completed, that will be in the next few updates.

btw...this was the stuff i purchased at the hydroponics store to make my "rain system" it's basically a hydro irrigation system, so to speak. implementing it is the difficult part, but i think i have it figured out.
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