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Growing moss in a cup/jar of water?

Ok so I've been trying this now for the last two weeks or so and I am trying to process of elimination this:

So with the following:
8oz cup
1 drop excel
1 drop flourish
de-chlorinated water
south facing window sill
Changing Water every 5 days
Xmas moss / Java Moss (both in separate cups)
Trial One
Dead / Dead

Trial Two
Changed water every 2 Days
Dead / Dead

Trial Three
Changing Water Daily
Dead / Dead (took an extra day)

Trial Four
Here's where I'm stuck, I know you can do this and I see people do this but I am just missing something here. So I'm thinking next trial don't add excel and going back to an every other day water change.....Should I change anything else outside of it (you know windowsill, flourish, water params, cup size etc...), I would really like to start getting moss going that is too small to thread on but healthy and I don't want to throw it away (I actually feel bad about killing this moss when I was trying to save it and grow it )
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