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You're getting honeycombs? Where'd you manage to find them?

As for how they like to be kept... 10-20 gallon tanks. Smaller (but not too small) is better, otherwise they will hide all the time and disappear. Driftwood is a MUST, and not manziata sticks, they need crevices to hide in. I've also heard of people using small PVC pipe as a home for them.

As for how many... they don't seem to shoal or school at all. In fact, they can get territorial in the sense that they don't like others coming in their favorite spot. Maybe buy 3, because they just look so wonderful and they do seem to do better with others. They stay around 2" for most of their lives, and max out less than 3". They're slighty bigger than rummynose.

Everyone who's thinking about it should absolutely buy the honeycombs!


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