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Back to Basics

Hey TPT,

I’m looking to get back into the plant- and fishkeeping game after a hiatus during my first few years of college. The plan is to keep it small and simple—low light with minimal maintenance. I’m inexperienced with low-tech tanks, and any feedback you can offer about equipment or fertilization would be greatly appreciated.

Aquarium: 20 gallons, long
Filtration: EHEIM classic 2215 external canister
Lighting: 20W, 6700K fluorescent hood
Substrate: Flourite, gravel

Fauna: Nannostomus mortenthaleri OR Paracheirodon simulans, Pelvicachromis pulcher
Flora: Various Anubias and Cryptocoryne, java fern, java moss

Is a single 20W bulb enough light, and for how long should I leave it on each day? Will fertilizing with Flourish or Excel be enough to sustain these plants, and if so, how often should I dose? I intend to stock a pair of kribensis and about a dozen small, schooling fish—do I also have room for an algae eater of some kind?

Thanks for reading, looking forward to “meeting” everyone.
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