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Originally Posted by tbullet View Post
Yes, I do live in Canada. Is this the Watts brand A-182 fitting? Will I need another connector to the paintball CO2 tank?

I"ll have a look around. The 20 oz paintball tanks at Crappy tire were about $47. I'll have a look at Princess Auto.
Yes, that's the Watts fitting in question.
You'll need an ASA adaptor like this
Should be able to find one on ebay for about $10 shipped or you can get one at a local paintball shop.

Check Kijiji for paintball cylinders, I've picked up a few 20oz for around $20 with plenty of time on their certification. Or check a paintball shop for those too.

The Watts fitting should thread into the ASA adapter which will screw onto the paintball cylinder, then you screw the Fluval regulator in and as far as I've found from reading descriptions and threads, you are good to go.

I can try to find my ASA adapter and fitting tonight and give this a test run, I know I've got all the parts, I just stopped messing with it after I got my Jac-Pac figured out.
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