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Thanks! Now that I finally have things under control, I can see some great growth happening. All of my plants look healthy now, not just the rotala. I tore down one of my nanos and had a whole lot more Anubias nana 'petite' than I even dreamed (once upon a time, I couldn't get enough of this stuff, now I have it growing out of my ears). I had those shady areas around the main stone that needed something transitional. I filled it with nana, and I think it works nicely with the stone and moss there. It's giving me ideas for the next iteration of this tank...

My last trim was pretty brutal. The rotala is taking a very long time to come back, but its coming. I cut considerably further back than I have before, so the density is also quite a bit lower than before. This was intentional. I'm trying to incorporate some different colors and textures for variety. This may not work in traditional iwagumi style, but I think it will work here when things grow in. The ludwigia have transitioned and are growing well, albeit slowly (my light has been significantly reduced, I'm slowly increasing it to a manageable level). HC is spreading nicely, though the glosso is mainly growing vertically. I'm trimming and replanting while slowly increasing light.
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