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Originally Posted by somewhatshocked View Post
When you use CO2, your plants require ferts.

What plants do you have and how many of them do you have? How much, what kind and how often are you fertilizing?

You're experiencing algal blooms because of an imbalance between lighting, CO2 and ferts. Once we know more about what's in your tank and what you're adding, TPT folks will be able to give advice.

It's not because you're feeding too much or you'd have other issues.
Okay, I appreciate any advice and I am ready to tackle the problem.

1) HC carpet, Dwarf Sag, and just added Rotala Colorata recently. (Pictures In Signature)

2) I was dosing SeaChem Flourish, Excel, Nitrogen, and Iron but I completely stopped 2 weeks ago and I'm still getting algae blooms. I was dosing accordingly:

Note: I no longer have the moss tree in this tank. Instead I have added the Rotala. I hope this helps TPT people to assist me. Thanks.
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