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Balancing My Aquarium

I need some insight on my way of balancing my aquarium. I will try and keep this short and straight to the point for times sake

Biocube 14g
-PAR 50-60 [Medium Light]
-Strong Flow
-Stable Pressurized Co2
-No signs of nutrient deficiencies ever

*The problem is I get blooms of green algae periodically on the glass of this aquarium. 2 weeks ago I stopped dosing because I thought that was the problem. Nope, I am still getting algae blooms. They are not huge but I want to minimize them further.

Now. I am convinced it is my co2 which I always kept stable but here is the kicker. I can turn up my co2 until my drop checker is yellow and the fish are not effected. There must me a high oxygen content in the water due to the filtration in the back. In the back of my aquarium, the water falls from chamber one into a 3 stage filter, Mechanical, Carbon, and Biomax. Then, it flows into chamber 3 and into the return.

I think my algae problem is due to my co2. What do you think? I think I should continue to NOT does any fertilizers and turn the co2 up slowly and see what happens. What do you think? If I do this, I will be pumping A LOT of co2 in the tank like almost 10bps or more...
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