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Originally Posted by Imi Statue View Post
Won't make a diff with clown loaches, if something is really in their way they'll just uproot it with burrowing activities. especially when they get larger.(you do know they get over 8" TL right?)
Yeah they are currently a solid 4-5" each right now. It is a very healthy tank, except for the plants.

Originally Posted by Imi Statue View Post
but you could leave a little area of just gravel right in front to kinda draw them to that spot for sleep time. (let's you see them more often)
That is a GREAT idea! Thanks!

I am also looking at other light options as well. The Finnex Ray 2 Dual 7k is by far the cheapest option.
With the two below I would need a canopy or some way to hang it which wont fly in the living room.

- AquaRay GroBeam

- Kessil Amazon Sun A150W
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