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Originally Posted by vnghost View Post
edjonaso: do you find running co2 is neccessary with that light? id like to upgrade my lighting as well but dont want a light that is too intense where id have to supplement co2 and ferts to keep balanced. trying to keep my spec v as low maintenance as possible. thanks

I'm not quite sure about this, I did however run this light on my tank for about a week without the CO2 setup and aside from minor issues like some algae/diatoms on the aquarium glass, everything was fine. I guess it all depends on your light duration maybe? I kept the light on for 6 hours a day when i wasn't using CO2, i was worried about algae bloom. The fugeray is meant for low-medium light setup after all.

the CO2 really boost the plant growth though, and I've seen some of the plants pearling
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