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james1542's 20L-Apistograms and flood lights

The latest tank is really taking off so it's time to start a journal.
Tank: Glass 20L Top derimmed
Light: 30W LED flood light ~5000k
CO2: DIY 2 Juice jug setup(~1 gallon each)-Drop checker is lime green
Substrate: MGOPM capped with wild brown sand.
Present Fauna: Nothing until after T-givings (planning one or two pairs of dwarf cichlids, at least one of them will be of the genus Apistogramma!, A small school of rasboras, leaning towards Axelrod's var blue, and/or Boraras briggate, perhaps a trio of Corydoras sp.).
Present Flora: Erio cinerum, E. tenellus, Limnophilia hippruoides, Crypts(becketti, lutea, parva, ect). A wee bit of mixed moss.
Emersed Flora: Basil, U.G., U.?. U.gibba, Tradescantia fluminensis, mixed moss
Age: ~2.5 weeks

Enjoy the photos!
The tank, stand, light, everything ready to go, all custom

2.5 weeks:

The emersed grow box:

Utricularia graminifolia: Trying to ramp these up emersed. *note the flower:

And finally a mystery Utricularia. Not the much loathed gibba.. All sources tell me this will grow submerged, but for now it's doing pretty well emerged, I've only had them about 2 weeks but new leaves are appearing:
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