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Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
hey fisherman, you need to come and hang out with us
thank you city... i would've loved to come meet with everyone last week, but my sister had a baby and made me a god parent of all people! but i spied the forum to see how you guys were doing from the hospital and i'm glad everyone had a good time i hope to have a chance to do something soon

Originally Posted by cprash View Post
You're "frustrated" with them? It's a business. Location, quality, stock and customer loyalty all factor into their prices. This is true for all businesses. Also, I have no idea why you're ranting about Win of all places.

Maybe some people can't travel to Long Island for livestock. Maybe some people don't want to order plants and fish through the internet and wait at home for the package. Up until the meets started in September, coordinating with local hobbyists was also a pain.
i <3 winn (not ranting) but i still feel the same about Pacific... but you're right crash. i am just venting

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