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Originally Posted by thefisherman View Post
why is everyone so sold on winn and pacific?

sure i love winn because they sell tropheous duboisi for $8 (yes i was tempted, get them while you can they have 8) and great fish deals and let you met your own shrimp..... but pacific?

they do stock decent stuff and they have an outstanding planted display in front but... $2.00/ft for co2 tubing (typically $.99/ft)? $29 for an upaqua ceramic disc diffuser (typically $18)? and their plants for sale selection isn't even that great (i was there today). i don't mean to rage on them because they can be nice and helpful, maybe its their rent idk... but i am truly frustrated with them. apologies in advance to anyone who are fans, just imo

the best plants i ever got were from TPT forum for sale/trade, RAOK and other hobbyists hands down. i guess if you are limited to taking the subway and walking in the city then they are your only options.

i live in queens and fishtown(although they don't specialize in planted) and the pets warehouses and tropical fantasy out in long long island are less inflated (can still be pricey but definately less than Pacific) with decent selection for an LFS.

come to think of it none of my plants come from Pacific. If anything, the only plants i got from LFS in the city (my sunset hygro and stargrass) all came from winn!

- thefisherman
You're "frustrated" with them? It's a business. Location, quality, stock and customer loyalty all factor into their prices. This is true for all businesses. Also, I have no idea why you're ranting about Win of all places.

Maybe some people can't travel to Long Island for livestock. Maybe some people don't want to order plants and fish through the internet and wait at home for the package. Up until the meets started in September, coordinating with local hobbyists was also a pain.

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