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Originally Posted by discuspaul View Post
Welcome to TPT
Are you in Bridgetown, or elsewhere ?
Guess you don't need heaters for your tanks, huh ?
Lucky you to live there - I love Barbados.
Hey discuspaul thanks for the lovely write-up on discus, which I saved and read at leisure as I'm in the process of changing over my 90g to be an Amazon Biotope and I'm toying with the idea of discus or angel fish as my main attraction.

On the heater note, nope but i do have two, one to use in any of my FO tanks if i need to treat for any disease and the second on is on the tank in my office because we always have the air condition on to full blast as it's very warm here.

Bridgetown is the capital of the island and I live actually much closer to the airport in the parish of St. Philip. If you are ever back in the island let me know, I'll take you around to some of the local fish guys and the two guys who are specifically into discus here.

cichnatic, thank you for the welcome. I assume that your name implies that you are a cichlid fanatic. I'm really into dwarf cichlids and I'm currently breeding pelvichromis pulcher both the normal and albino.

If you guys are interested you can take a look at my flikr profile to see a collection of my tanks at different times.
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