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bits and bobs today

-Shipped out my last RAOK for the year. It was delayed due to hurricane sandy so i stuffed it with literally all my floaters so my tanks are now bare. dunno what got into me but i just kept packing and packing till there was none left. had to take breaks to net out random duckweed as not to uglify my floater packs. maybe its time to go floaterless now in my tanks.

-Went to Petgoods (NJ) and they had whiptail plecos for $4.99. bulldog plecos for $7.99. I picked up some japanese trapdoor snails.

-Enroute to the petshop, i was cut off on the road no less than 3 times in NJ though in some way, i felt no animosity or anger. the last guy even made me slam on my brakes. was just glad no one got hurt.

-My car also reached 150000 today and i was fortunate to catch it when the 0 rolled over.

-Had some scaping ideas for the new tank. Going to have to source some more -needle leaf java fern. @Jeff, i have devised an alternative to the ADA powersand.

-have a theory on getting "mini" tight growth in my mosses. Will have to expand my grow tests.

-really want to figure out the bacteria substance in bebi and the ada substrate supplements. Looking forward to supercharging the enzyme bed before planting the new tank.

-im going to withdraw my items from the ADI order. sensing bad vibes.

-will have to wind down the aquaria events and focus on my own tanks and other stuff. I do deserve to have some pretty tanks.

-need to make time to carpet Hemianthus micranthemoides (from jake) and Staurogyne repens

- need more sleep

-Last random thought, in failing to acquire chili rasboras, White clouds will be a likely runner up.

"I am Groot", the faithful protector

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