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Post My Low-Tech Pro-Ject!

Hey guys, I've had my tank for a while now (almost a year) and things are swell. The tank is a Fluval Roma 200 and I have just 're-done' the tank having visited the Live Aquatics Show and picked up some bits.

I started by moving all my fish into this 25 litre tub, then I drained the tank and removed all the gravel. I then put the Redmoor wood down and secured it with a rock pile and added 3 litres of Tropica Plant Substrate. I then added the gravel on top. I slow filled it up again, planting the new Staurogyne Repens, the Sagittaria, then the Hygrophila Guaniensis and Vallisneria Nana. I then (lazily) wedged the Anubias Nana and Bonsai between the gaps in the wood and dropped in the marimo moss ball. Last but not least I attached the new Flame Moss to one branch of the wood using an elastic band so I didn't disrupt the wood. This whole process took 8 hours

To my surprise, the moss attached in less than a week and is growing at quite a decent rate. The Staurogyne is the slow grower (even slower than the anubias). How long do you guys think it will take to settle in and start growing? Since I'm not working (at the moment) I can't afford CO2 and so I'm just dosing EasyCarbo and Chelated Micro Nutrients from APF.

Hope you guys enjoy, I will be uploading new pictures as the tank develops!
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