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Yeah, time for more rambling... there is progress though!

First coat of Ecopoxy has been laid down. I did the bottom, back and part of the inside of my stand with pretty heavy coats. Haven't used much material so far and the verdict is in on it's working performance.

This stuff is nice!!

-It does NOT emit any detectable odor
-It mixes easily although it doesn't change color when it's fully mixed (might be able to use a colored hardener to solve this problem)
-It spreads really well. Some resins are goopy and really viscous which makes them hard to work with (especially when fiberglassing) but Ecopoxy is thin and spreads very nicely.
-It even self levels to some extent, not something I'm used to seeing in polyester resin and something I've never seen in traditional epoxy resin.

Since I'm not quite finished I have no idea on the finished result but it's sitting in the hobby room curing (yes!!!! I can work resin in the house! Holy cra... er, mackerel!)
This is such a big deal for me because I've had projects sitting all summer waiting for me to find time to work on them and either the weather was poor or I was busy but this opens doors... I can't emphasize enough how happy I am about this!

I even managed to take a couple photos but I'm saving those for later.
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