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Originally Posted by weezel77 View Post
@ hidden walrus. i too recently purchased a golden nugget pleco from the arc. i put it in my q tank for three weeks no signs of anything so into my main tank he went. about a week after adding him to my main tank my columbian tetras had a huge outbreak of anchor worms. managed to save all but one with treatment. what a pain in the ass. im not for sure if thats where the worms came from but that was the latest fish added to my tank in almost 3 months.

Im down by laporte so its a bit of a drive for me. can anyone tell me where the coral reef store is you guys keep talking about in valpo??

Well this kinda scares me, I bought a bristlenose pleco from the Ark a couple days ago, and some of his poop is pretty stringy(aka not normal).

Coral reef is on Calumet, in between Bush St. and Evans Ave.
Its in like a mini strip mall.
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