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Thank you very much for the link, Great idea/setup. Would work for me if I had a larger tank, and if I wanted to go the ugf route.
Based on the calculation you provided, I will need 200 square inches for the ugf, (based on the pump sitting here) my tank bottom is 288 square inches (12"x24").
Seeing as the gravel is 80% covered in plants/rocks/wood, I don't think this will work for my application.
Also I don't like pulling water through the gravel, due to my tank being overstocked, my biggest problem right now is constant gravel vacuuming. (as in every 3-5 days) I can see my intake pipes getting plugged quite often.
I am attempting to create an upwards current under the gravel on as close to 100% of the tank bottom as I can.
It is a great idea/setup, it's just not what I am attempting to do.
I'm trying to do more of a reverse ugf setup with a higher flow than just ugf plates with a reversed powerhead. (have to push through 4" of gravel on one end)

What kind of pumps did you use in your system? Do they "chatter" when backloaded?

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