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Question leds for 12 long

As the title states i am looking to do leds for my 12long. I am planning to go medium high light with pressurized co2 through a danner mag fraction impeller. I just flooded the tank the other day and my current lights just are not cutting it.

The thing that brought me to wanting to do leds is the fact that i have a reef keeper lite. I believe the reef keeper allows for dimming and i really want to utilize this. The problem is that i am not to technically inclined and i do not have excel to run hoppy's little program.

So i am going out on a limb here hoping someone with way more knowledge than i can point me in the right direction on the easiest set up. I am looking for diy but want something that is not to challenging and possibly solderless as i have 0 knowledge of this. I would even be willing to pay for someone to put it together for me.

Sorry if i come off as lazy but work has been super crazy and we have a baby on the way. Trying to get all my projects wrapped up before baby Mason gets here and i have no more play money lol. I am willing to spend around $200 or more on this but obviously with a kid on the way would like to keep it in reason.

This is my tank to give you guys an idea of what i am working with. Trying to read up on as much as i can for now and thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help my incompetent self.
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