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i USED to have MTS in my big tank. I have AS now.

MTS: i found that the mts was a pain when removing and moving plants. it always puffed up dirt when doing so and then it would settle down on top of my cap and stay there. No matter how careful i was pulling up the stem.

I experienced an algae bloom with the mts, and fought SUPER HIGH nitrate levels from day one with the mts. Im talking: after sunday 50% WC the Nitrate would read 40 by the next sunday it was 100+. I cant say for certian the mts was the blame......BUT after i redid my tank with AS i no longer have that issue.

The upside. My plants grew like crazy!

The AS: Doesnt have to be capped. I love the looks of it. You can form mounds with it. Plants love it as well.

the downside. The initial ammonia spike. Although mine was only 1 week long and i had to do only 2 WC's. BUT the ammonia instantly starts the cycling proccess. Thats a bonus.


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